• Dagsetning: 26/10/2021 – 28/10/2021
  • Tími: 9:00 – 15:30
  • Staður: Fræðslusetur Eflingar – Guðrúnartúni 1


The role of the sponsor is governed by law and collective agreements, and the way he works with the complaint is dealt with by the project. The interpretation of wage agreements, the development of employment contracts and the bases of pay slips, projects related to the material are also being considered. Type and value of employment contracts and basics of wage composition, payroll according to Art. collective agreements. Presented is the company’s activities, the rights of its members and sponsorship funds. Students learn to know the structure of pay slips and payroll calculations and to solve tasks related to them. Students solve assignments related to the collective and statutory rights of employees – realism.


Sigurlaug Gröndal